How To Choose An Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a particular condition which can affect many people and this can result into a flaky scalp along with itchiness and dryness. The PH level of the scalp goes out of sync and that is why it attracts this disorder called dandruff.

So when there is dandruff, one needs to use anti dandruff shampoos. Now, how to select an anti dandruff shampoo? Well, one needs to select one depending on their scalp and dandruff condition.

First, one needs to know the types of dandruff from which one can suffer.

Dry Scalp

When one’s hair lack moisture, then it starts getting flaky and dry. This is a kind of dandruff most people experience during winter because the natural oil from the hair gets stripped off. So, one can go for some hot water showers to make the situation better.

Oily Scalp

If the scalp is producing too much of oil then the sebum is not cleaned on a regular basis and so it gets combined with all the dead skin cells to produce dandruff.


Due to irregular and improper diets one can face dandruff issues. There can also be some skin disorders like malassezia, psoriasis and eczema which can trigger the dandruff problems. There can also be a certain fungal infection called seborrhoea dermatitis and it can also cause a lot of dandruffs.

There are several reasons why dandruff happens.

  • Regular washing of hair with hot water can strip of the natural oil from hair and make it flaky and dry.
  • Using mild shampoos cannot clean the scalp and so it leads to dandruff.
  • Hair styling products like hair gels, mousses, hair sprays and waxes can cause extra greasiness on the scalp.
  • Sharing hair brushes and combs can lead to dandruffs.
  • Over washing or under washing of hair can cause both dandruffs and hair fall.

When one is buying an anti dandruff shampoo, they need to be very careful about a few things.

  • The most important work of an anti dandruff shampoo is to thoroughly cleanse and break any kind of product build in the hair. So, one needs something which lathers well on the scalp and gets rinsed well also.
  • There are many anti dandruff shampoos available in the market and each are for different hair types. One needs to pick the right shampoo depending on the hair type. If the choice of shampoo is wrong then one might not get the desired result.
  • There are some special anti dandruff shampoos which are made to re balance the PH level on the scalp which can be a major reason behind dandruff formation as well. Also, oily scalp do has some extra sebum which has to be reduced. If that is not cleared well then the dandruff and the white flakes will keep coming bacl.

One can use shampoo ketomac on a daily basis because this can be very helpful in reducing dandruff and it has to be used at least twice a week to get best results.

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