Jim Feldkamp Gives Pointers on How to Photograph Nature and Wildlife

Jim Feldkamp’s photos speak for themselves. Nature has the everlasting mine of wonders and beauty which all people want to capture. People usually get astonished by the stunning Wildlife or Nature photographs in the trendy science or travel magazines. So what is the secret of taking spectacular Nature photographs? Well, as factual for every variety of Art, Photography is something which you have to master. Practice, Knowledge, creativity and a good Camera is what you require most of the time. This is targeted to aid someone who has just got started or thinking of getting on the go.

See the Light

According to Jim Feldkamp, nature photography is a lot about considering the light. Same spot can look diverse in diverse part of the day depending on the light, absence or presence of cloud, moisture or dust in the air. So perceive the light and analyze it in your mind. If you perceive the light in the morning, it will have a yellow or warm golden tone. So being able to see and feel the light and choosing your landscape theme or subject based on the lights obtainable is something you have to learn and practice.


James Feldkamp believes that traveling is indispensable to take better landscape photograph. Traveling should not be restricted to analyzing the area but it should necessitate visiting the place in diverse parts of the year. Once you select the area for example a valley or a forest, you should walk around as much as feasible to find out diverse interesting places or spots of great natural beauty. Once you recognize those spots, you may be able to imaging some motivating work of art in your mind before taking photo.

Compose your shot with the help of Jim Feldkamp

Composing nature or landscape photography takes a lot of ingenuity and also good observing capability. Every so often, getting far or close from a subject brings out the finest of the subject and its environment. For instance, if you see a flower, you may like to get close to it to take a close up or you may also consist of the surrounding trees or bushes to create interesting perspective. Same is factual for taking rivers, mountains, or valley etc.

Love Nature and Wildlife

If you love Wildlife and Nature, you will take the photographs from heart like Jim Feldkamp does and it will be your obsession to bring the best of its attractiveness and its secrets. So try to build up the love from within by thinking affirmative about it and reading some great books on Wildlife and Nature.

Wildlife photography or Nature photography is sometime just fortune. You may be in a spot for a short time but it may occur that some appealing thing may happen after you go away. Also have endurance while taking landscape or Wildlife photos. You may have spotted a bird’s nest but you may have to wait for hours uncomplainingly for the bird to come back to its nest. Likewise, may be true if you want to spot a Wild Animal or a Tiger.

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