John Kang Liquidmetal – Application of Liquidmetal in Industries

Liquidmetal is becoming popular in manufacturing industries today as it comes under the group of amorphous metals. These metals are different in the atomic structure. Their structure is almost glass-like and strong. Carbon is one of the most commonly used metals in manufacturing industries; however, alloys like steel have to be mixed with it to create the perfect composition.  Low alloy steel has less than 0.25 % of carbon mixed with stronger metals like manganese, nickel, or chromium. They can be used for the creation of steel that is geared more towards wielding and are better tolerant of corrosion.

John Kang Liquidmetal expert – Liquidmetal popular as a thermal paste

John Kang is a businessman with the medical industry, and he has researched and has invaluable knowledge when it comes to Liquidmetal and its technologies. The John Kang Liquidmetal team says that there several uses of Liquidmetal in several industries and it’s popular for its high resistance to corrosion. Liquidmetal has been used in several manufacturing and tech industries. Apple has used Liquidmetal in most of its accessories and parts. This metal is now replacing conventional plastics and alloys. Some companies manufacture luxury watches like Swatch, and they too are using Liquidmetal in most of its parts. Liquidmetal has also been used in NASA space projects and has been used in the manufacture of solar panels for expeditions in the future.

Liquidmetal is a great cooling agent

The John Kang WebMD team says besides the above, Liquidmetals have forayed their way into the technological industry primarily as a cooling agent. Content creators and gamers have identified the value of Liquidmetal as a feasible replacement for thermal paste. It is applied in manufacturing electronics like laptops for improved transfer of heat. However, note that the application of thermal paste is not perfect all the time. Sometimes, the manufacturer often uses a cheap thermal paste for reducing costs. Most technical professionals open their laptop units and remove this paste with care. They later reapply another thermal paste as per their choice. This results in getting improved temperature and performance. The instances of throttling are less, and the performance ability is of the laptop is better. They say that currently, gallium is one of the few Liquidmetals that consumers like to choose for improving the performance of their computers.

When it comes to Liquidmetal, it is used in the manufacture of several items in the technological and the electronic industries.  It is used in the manufacture of smartphone covers and premium watches. Amorphous metals are beneficial in applications that need high tensile strength and are very resistant to corrosion. Liquidmetal has a unique atomic structure, and this is the reason it is popular in a wide range of industrial applications. The John Kang Liquidmetal team says that it has now replaced titanium in the medical industry. It has also been used in the automobile and the aerospace industry. It was popular in the Genesis Space Probe as Liquidmetal plates were used in the solar wind ion collectors.

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