Peter Max- A Pioneer Artist in Pop and Psychedelic Art

There are several forms of art, and one of them is pop art. This form of art has been popular since 1950, and it has a musical connection with popular celebrities and bands of the 1960s. Several artists have created some amazing work on pop art. If you see this art, you will find a lot of bold themes and colors are generally used. This art draws its inspiration from various sources and appeals to both the young and old with success.

Peter Max – An inspiring artist of pop art

Peter Max is an iconic name in the pop art world. He is a contemporary of the famous artist Andy Warhol who painted many iconic figures in his unique artistic way. He painted memorable portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. Mr. Max, on the other hand, is known for his famous visages of Mona Lisa, George Washington, and Statute of Liberty in bright and bold Technicolor. Both artists have also worked with iconic celebrity Mick Jagger. His work is soft and has even painted the Lady Liberty on the lawn of the White House and has been selected as the official artist of the Grammy Awards. He also has been the painter for 5 Superbowls, UN Earth Summit, and most of his paintings have graced magazine covers like People, Yellow Pages of Manhattan and more. Agents from across the world like to display his vibrant and colorful work at exhibitions and art shows.

His stint with Psychedelic art

Mr. Max traveled the world with his mom and dad when he was young. He had lived in several nations like China, Israel, India, and Africa before he settled down in the USA. Many things have inspired him during his life, and they have somehow forayed into his works as well. When one asks him about his work, he says that they are surreal in nature. He has a vivid imagination and has painted images that seem they are flying out of rainbows and the sky. If you take a look at his work, you will see they invoke a positive and uplifting vibe. His work has stolen the heart of millions. If you check out his Facebook Gallery, you will find that his art is so deep that it invokes psychedelic feelings in onlookers.

Though he has been in the field of art for 50 years, he shows no signs of stopping. He still has a strong creative streak and never gets tired of creating outstanding pieces of art for his fans across the world.

Peter Max even has his works printed on daily items like bed sheets and towels. In fact, art experts say that his work is first regarded as pop art and later labeled as counterculture and neo-expressional in nature. If you look back in the past, you will find that his work done way back in the 1960s and 1970s are related to the popular psychedelic movement of that era with success!

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